CHESTER MIDSHIPMOUSE TIME AND TIDE Deluxe Color Hardback Edition is now available for order HERE!

ON THE BANKS OF THE SEVERN RIVER, behind the massive gray stone walls of Bancroft Hall, where young men and women train to become naval officers, battalions of mice also train with equal fervor to become military leaders. These furry creatures follow rules and traditions similar to those of the human midshipmen in the dormitory rooms of the sprawling building, whom they are pleased to visit from time to time.

These are the stories of Chester– a midshipmouse.



Midshipmice: (noun, plural) Young student mice who train for four rigorous seasons at the Naval Mouse Academy in preparation to commission as officers.  The graduating rodents will go out into the world to protect and serve the horde. 

Meet Chester, a tawny-coated, earnest young house mouse who decides he has what it takes to follow in his grandfather’s pawsteps and become a midshipmouse at the prestigious Naval Mouse Academy. Unfortunately, an accidental run-in with a harsh, quick-tempered upperclassmouse named Spleen, and other misadventures threaten to derail his well-thought-out efforts to succeed.