New Review for Chester Midshipmouse Time and Tide

Another fantastic review for Time and Tide:

Chester Midshipmouse Time and Tide is the third title in an endearing children’s book series that centers on a wondrous and delightfully layered world of mice living amongst humans at a naval academy. 
Weisberg’s writing is gentle, vivid, and alluring. Readers will become immediately immersed in Chester’s journey to graduate from the Naval Mouse Academy and sail the seas as an officer.
Chester Midshipmouse Time and Tide follows in the storied tradition of classics like Redwall, but the novel’s setting and worldbuilding are fresh and fun. 
Chester is a sweet, courageous young hero readers will root for. Weisberg establishes a convincing hybrid world of sentient mice and the humans who carry on unaware of the rodent attendees of the Naval Mouse Academy existing above them. ” – BookLife Prize, October, 2023