THE STORY introduces Chester as an adolescent house mouse and follows him from his acceptance into the selective Naval Mouse Academy, through the first hurdle, the grueling boot camp known as plebe summer. The mice consider the humans in The Rooms Below to be fellows in military indoctrination, but the humans consider the mice to be pests!  With the mice borrowing generously to supply all their needs (using sour ball candy as ammunition, marching with pretzel stick drill rifles, rigging a pulley system with a tape dispenser and competing in a strategic boat race on a sponge) conflict ensues.  Each chapter contains the exploits of Chester and his band of rodents and ends with a short glimpse of what is happening in the dormitory room of human midshipmen B. Wise and T. Briggs.

LEARN MORE about the amazing world of the midshipmice —their lingo and timeless traditions —by checking out the engaging GLOSSARY at the end of the book!