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What does Chester look like?  While his likeness is captured beautifully in the book, this Chester doll is a fair representation. Created as a gift, the plush stuffed toy is  faithful to Chester as a plebe.  Check out the amazing details—brass nameplate “inscribed” with CHESTER, his blue-rimmed tee under the white works tunic, the silver belt buckle with initials NA (the only thing missing are the words Fidelity and Obedience), and his paw pads.  While Chester’s fur tone is really in the tawny/golden color family and his dixie cup cover needs a bit of tweaking, we are enthralled.  Wouldn’t it make a nice addition to the book?

Commissioning 101 EXPO – Chester Midshipmouse will be there!

An expo for parents and friends of USNA midshipmen, especially those graduating/commissioning in 2019 is being held Saturday, February 16th.

Susan Weisberg will be signing her book, Chester Midshipmouse at the event.

Commissioning 101 ~   February 16, 2019 ~  9:30-13:30 (1:30 pm) ~

The Byzantium ~

2747 Riva Road~

Annapolis, MD

(Thank you for the invitation USNA Parents Club of Maryland!)

Dont Crowd The Pan

Sage advice for writers as well as cooks; “don’t crowd the pan” (you can quote me). Every new chapter in a book is best approached like a wiped out, heavy-duty Calphalon skillet ready for the next group of ingredients.

Sauté in small batches.  The result will be a well-cooked, crispy product, melded and yet retaining differential parts. Keep one ingredient constant. For  me at home that’s shallots, in the story it’s Chester.

This writing/cooking truth has clarified (another cooking term) an issue that cropped up while writing Book Two in the Chester Midshipmouse series. There are so many potential characters found in a setting that contains thousands of mice. This mass of rodentia is important to the narrative, but their individual stories are not. Newer characters appear and old favorites must step back, for the time being, in order to allow our hero to investigate and grow through the next phase of his training at the United States Naval Mouse Academy.  Still, the aromatic mirepoix of Chester, Dilly and Ranger remains at the center of the story-a redoubtable trio- ready to flavor the tale. I’m not sure that Dilly and Ranger would appreciate being described as a celery stick or a carrot, but they certainly would enjoy munching on one.

Right here I just heard the voice of Chester’s little brother Bean in my head.

“What’s a mirepoix?” he asks in frustration.

“Look it up, Bean,” Chester replies, with just a hint of self-importance.

Chester’s adventures continue. By Chapter Two, who do you think crops up without an invitation? Spleen, of course. Like a…Well, I’m still trying to think of a culinary analogy for this older midshipmouse’s caustic presence. Like a bone in a piece of fish? No. Maybe you will come up with one.




Join Chester at the Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony- Tuesday, November 27, 2018 from 6 to 8 PM at Historic Ogle Hall – 247 King St, Annapolis, Maryland. 

“This free family-friendly event will feature light refreshments, a chance to take a photo with Santa, a special performance by the All Children’s Chorus of Annapolis, and Art Show from the Naval Academy Primary School, and a  book sale and signing by Susan Weisberg, author of Chester Midshipmouse, and a proclamation by the Town Crier, all capped off by the Lighting of the Tree with Mayor Gavin Buckley!”

This is going to be fun!  For more information and details regarding the book, the event and beautiful Ogle Hall:  Facebook @Chester Midshipmouse